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Eat Healthy for Cheap           Heal Your Gut            Heal Inflammation.


Fight inflammation

When I started getting serious about my health, I had to learn about INFLAMMATION. Because inflammation is disease. It’s at the root of all illness. And yet—the vast majority of us have no idea what foods cause inflammation, and what foods heal it!

My friend Robyn Openshaw, “the GreenSmoothieGirl,” is one of the most credible and common-sense voices in the wellness field. And I LOVE this short video about 7 Foods That Heal Inflammation. I highly recommend it. In the masterclass, she teaches you in 17 minutes what you need to know about inflammation. And what your FOOD has to do with ANY inflammatory disease. Some foods heal inflammation—and others cause it! Do you know which are which?

Video: 7 Foods that Fight Inflammation


 Heal Your Gut With Food?! Is that even possible?! Why does everyone in America have gut issues? It’s not “polite conversation,” so many of us are suffering in silence, I was! But my friend Robyn Openshaw, known online as the GreenSmoothieGirl, says, it’s unnecessary, and it has everything to do with what you’re eating. And NOT eating. Check out her short video about How to Heal Your Gut With Food (and Just A Few Dollars). And you’ll see why I signed up for Robyn’s Video Masterclass. It’s FREE for just a few days.

Video: Rehab Your Gut with Food

She’s been teaching millions of people, on a 450-city speaking tour, and a website that has helped millions recover their health eating the RIGHT whole foods. Don’t miss this, because the Video Masterclass will be FREE, and LIVE for just a few days more. You’ll learn a LOT, and what Robyn teaches has the power to do nothing LESS than save your health! I’m loving this content, and I know this is going to be so helpful for you in being healthy at any age. \

You’ll be loving this like I am, check it out. I’m all in on making simple shifts to fantastic health. Are you?

5 Best Tips For Eating Super Healthy, Super Cheap!

A common complaint when you’re trying to eat healthier, is how EXPENSIVE healthy foods are. Have you had this thought? Check out one of my favorite nutrition experts, “GreenSmoothieGirl” Robyn Openshaw, telling you how (this might shock you)… eating whole, unprocessed foods might be the cheapest way to eat!

Video: 5 Tips for Eating Healthy for Less

Of course, you’ve got more expensive ways, and much cheaper ways… But I think you’ll LOVE how Robyn explains it. How she converted from the Standard American Diet, to a whole-foods super-healthy diet, without breaking the bank! Make sure to take her FREE 12 Steps to Whole Foods Video Masterclass. (I got started watching, and couldn’t stop!) It’s about to end! She lost 70 pounds, and ditched 21 diseases, 20 years ago. And now she teaches others how to do the same. On a budget!