What made you choose that route for treatment?

YOU HAVE TO CHOOSE YOUR OWN PATH. DON'T LET ANYONE ELSE CHOOSE IT FOR YOU.    BE SURE you are not choosing a treatment out of FEAR, but out of FAITH

After many hours of research, phone calls, consults, and contemplating. My choice of treatment was at a Natural Alternative Cancer Treatment center, An Oasis of Healing in Mesa, Arizona. I felt lead by God to heal in this way, and I thank Him for pointing me in the direction of this center, as it was truly incredible in giving me the knowledge to take power over cancer. My mom and sister flew out with me for the initial days of treatment to get everything established and from that point on I had caretakers come and go. 


We arrived in Mesa, Arizona to sunshine and blue skies (which was very healing in itself). And, as expected, the first day at An Oasis was a LOT of information. To all patients who are contemplating: it is not a big glass hospital with fancy windows, elevators, and coffee shops. It is exactly as it sounds, an adobe style "Oasis." You walk in to the small building to see patients sitting in recliners, receiving therapies, talking, laughing, sleeping, and eating amongst one another. It is a beautiful place to be as a cancer patient, surrounded by others who are healing in the same way that you are. I was the youngest patient by 22+ years, but I still felt every bit as connected to every one there. I formed a close bond with many, sharing recipes, ideas, tips, and tricks.

Upon arrival, I automatically adopted a raw-vegan diet, supplemented with quarts of green juices, rich in live healing enzymes. The center provided the meals and juices for us patients, which took a lot of the dietary stress away. I also attended the cooking classes as well as nutritional sessions in the mornings before treatments. The meetings were extremely beneficial in providing us patients the education as to how these foods work to heal the body and also how to prepare them for ourselves. An Oasis does a wonderful job on the educational aspect, teaching the patients what the treatments are doing for the body and how they work to kick cancer's bootay.

Aside from the nutritional standpoint, I received many therapies including: intravenous high-dose vitamin C infusions, B-17 injections, colon hydrotherapy, blood ozone therapy, lymphatic drainage therapy, insulin potentiated chemotherapy, infrared sauna, coffee enemas, and myofascial release. The combination completely restored my body. In just seven weeks, I was completely clear of any cancerous activity in my body!

There were good days, sunny days, boring days, easy days, and really really hard days. But every day I woke up without regrets. It was a journey of healing and loving myself completely. Never once did I think "I wish I would have gone the other way," because I believed in my treatment plan whole-heartedly. Something inside me just knew it was going to work. Learning how to turn the fear associated with the word cancer into unending faith was the most powerful asset to my healing. I think that is the most important as a cancer patient, making sure the decision made is the decision YOU feel best about. Not your relatives, doctors, friends, or teachers - YOU.

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If you are interested in learning more about An Oasis of Healing, check out their website or call the number below!

http://www.anoasisofhealing.com 480 - 834 - 5414

for all patients, please check out:

This program is insanely amazing for all patients healing from cancer, traditionally or alternatively. I use it as continued learning for preventing cancer from EVER returning, and to educate my family and friends about prevention!