Navigate through this page to find all things "cancer journey." From how I was diagnosed, to why I chose holistic treatment, and beyond. It's all here. You'll find that I am pretty much an open book (probably a little too much at times). My hope is that you see yourself or better relate to your loved ones in these posts and find connection, community, and encouragement. No one fights alone, but your fight is YOUR fight. Own it. Embrace it. Fight for your life and fight for your body! It's a temple of the Holy Spirit and such a beautiful gift. We'd be crazy not to treat it right! I truly believe cancer is a tap on the shoulder from God as a warning sign that something is not going quite right. 

You'll find that quotes are my jam and some would say I feel a little too much. I've always been a little "too much." I think I'll keep it that way. 

Healing Cancer Naturally Interview (2015)

Holistic Cancer Journey + Wellness Interviews (2018)

An open letter to those who feel defeated

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You'll be surprised how far you can go from the point you thought was the end.