THE Green Smoothie Girl Detox: A SAFE method of cleansing the body. 


Through my journey at Oasis of Healing I learned a lot about the body, what true health is, and that it cannot be found in the bottom of a bottle. I swore off all "detox" products and programs, that was, until being introduced to Robyn Openshaw, the "GreenSmoothieGIrl." She really knows her stuff! I was blown away by her informational videos and her wealth of knowledge provided. Her work is influenced by many big names in the holistic healing world (Gerson, Dr. Lodi, etc.). I decided to do her 26 day detox 1-2x per year as a healthy way to keep my body clean, pure, and functioning optimally despite the indulgences here and there that fuel my soul. This is a great option for anyone looking for:


1. Could Toxicity Be Why I'm Sick? The 7 Types of Toxins in Your Body and How to Eliminate Them

2. How to Change Your Weight Set Point Forever (Detoxing, Not Dieting

3. 8 Foods That Help You Detoxify (and 11 That Cause Toxicity)

4. Bonus: How a Physical Detox Can Resolve Emotional Issues

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Why Detox is Better Than Dieting

Is Detoxing For You?

10 Benefits to Detoxing

My friend, Robyn made this short video about WHO should detoxify, and WHY.....after over 20 years of studying with the most gifted and knowledgeable holistic clinicians all over the world (4 continents, 19 clinics). She learned that the vast majority of medical doctors have no idea how to optimize the detoxification pathways of the body.  And why you NEED to, just like you need to change the air filter and oil filter in your car. We live in a world full of chemicals harmful to human life, everywhere. COSMETICS and personal care products (The Environmental Working Group estimates the average woman is exposed to over 100 harmful chemicals every week, through personal care products alone!) But then there's your FOOD. GMO's, synthetic additives, preservatives, nitrites and nitrates, neurotoxins like MSG and aspartame. And so much more. The WATER has endocrine disruptors like chlorine, fluoride, phthalates, and even residuals of prescription drugs. 

VIDEO: Is Detoxing For You?

After 20 years of research and experimentation, Robyn has now supported over 8,000 people through a 26-day detox process. She's gathered data, including 500 detoxers' inspiring stories, and she has some pretty interesting things to say about what happens, in the process! (What’s “easy and fun.” What’s “hard.” She’s really honest about it.) If you think detoxing is only for weight loss, think again. Watch the short video to learn why some folks in the “ideal weight” category are shown to be at higher risk than those with lots of external body fat. Detoxing is for anyone who lives where there’s car exhaust, processed food, chlorine and fluoride in the water, electronic devices in your energy field, or who experiences chronic stress. Robyn explains why. 

It’s a strange, polluted world out there, and we have to get very smart, to eliminate higher-than-ever "toxic body burden." That's where A (the input of toxic chemicals) minus B (the amount of chemical burden your elimination channels successfully excrete) = C (what's left). So, what do you do about the remainder? That overwhelm of toxicity, when kidneys, liver, lymphatic system, blood, and respiratory system can't keep up? An extremely well tested detoxification process radically reduces your disease risk. Plus, following the program for 26 days robs your fat stores of the job they’re currently doing for you. (Because your fat stores are hoarding toxic chemicals. Why? So they don't get into critical organs and kill you. Your fat plays a very important role, especially around the middle of your body. And your body will keep hoarding fat, until you decrease that toxic body burden.) I highly recommend this Video Masterclass, where Robyn explains that. She began researching detoxification when she was obese, very ill with 21 diseases, and her 1-year old was dying, in and out of hospitals, on constant bronchial drugs, steroids, and antibiotics. A "failure to thrive" baby below the 5th percentile, he clung to life and bounced in and out of emergency rooms.

What she discovered is in this video masterclass. Detoxing twice a year is how she became a competitive athlete at 50, and ditched 70 pounds. She was dying, and on half a dozen drugs, diagnosed with 21 diseases, at 25.  She believes that aging isn't so much about years, as much as toxic body burden overwhelming the immune system. And I won't be a spoiler, but there's a really amazing story about what happened to her severely ill Failure to Thrive baby, in one of the masterclass videos as well. Watch this short video to help you think through whether a period devoted to resting, rebuilding, and repairing your elimination organs and immune system is right for you.  If you're intrigued by the idea of decreasing your own toxicity, take a deeper look, in the free video masterclass. And ask questions of Robyn after watching any of the videos. Enjoy!

You live in a toxic world. Luckily, you have organs of elimination, that help you detoxify every day. But what happens when they can’t keep up? When liver, kidneys, or the blood aren’t filtering fast enough? The FDA has approved 84,000 chemicals for use in our environment and food, with none of them tested for long-term disease risk for those breathing, drinking, and eating them. Your grandparents did not face these challenges! It’s no wonder we’ve gone from 1 in 200 getting cancer just a few generations ago, to 1 in 2 now, for men. (And 1 in 2.4 for women.) It’s as if we’re a Model T motoring through the Dust Bowl in the 1930’s. (Can you imagine not changing the air filter on your car, for 2 years, when there was so much particulate in the air in 1936, that babies and old people were dying….literally, of dust?) 

You don’t want to get caught in that situation. With your “filters” unable to keep up with the cleanup required to deal with:

  • Pesticides and preservatives in our foods
  • Chemicals in our cosmetics and personal care products
  • Fluoride, plastics, chlorine, and drug residuals in our water supply

Let’s explore some of the most important things you need to know about how your body detoxifies. And how it may be struggling. And then, how you can resolve the issues.

Cleaning Up Your Detoxification Pathways

Dr. Bernard Jensen studied over 10,000 human colons. What came out, when people devote some time to cleansing, might shock you. This video class by our friend, the “GreenSmoothieGirl” Robyn Openshaw, a detox researcher, shows some amazing photos. (You can grab a seat for free, for a short time only.) (And don’t worry, she warns you when to close your eyes—if you want to learn about human detoxification, but without seeing a few graphic photos.) It turns out that excesses of meat products, and white flour, especially those two in combination, are the worst culprits, for gumming up your 35 feet of digestive tract. Dr. Jensen discovered a phenomenon he called catarrhal mucoid plaque, a buildup of these substances without fiber or nutrients, and undigested proteins in the gut, primarily accumulated by people eating a meat-intensive diet and those who eat processed, “gluey” flour and sugar products.

Keep It Clean When You Eat Green

Dr. Ann Wigmore also influenced Robyn Openshaw’s work, discovering some powerful things about the cleansing properties of greens. Dr. Wigmore healed herself of an advanced colon cancer, many decades ago. Her work is championed in many clinics worldwide, to this day. But without flying to one of these clinics, you can still learn how to devote some respect to your liver, kidneys, colon, and gall bladder at home. It’s very powerful to follow some protocols that optimize your elimination pathways, eliminate toxic foods, and eat only the most cleansing foods, twice a year--for a total reboot, and excellent health. You’ll want to grab a seat in our friend Robyn Openshaw’s Detox video masterclass, right away, while it’s FREE for friends of Annmarie Skin Care. Through deep study of the work of Dr. Jensen, Dr. Wigmore, and others, Robyn developed a protocol and beta tested it, for exciting results for everyone completing the 26-day program. Now she has led over 9,300 people through a process where in less than a month, detoxers experience phenomenal health benefits that feel like turning back the clock 10 to 20 years.

Organs of Elimination Cleansed and Optimized

Dr. Max Gerson came to the United States, fleeing Nazi Germany, after helping thousands completely eliminate devastating migraine headaches, as he had discovered how to do, for himself. In the U.S., Gerson discovered dietary and other secrets, that led him to help thousands heal of cancer, after traditional Medicine wrote advanced-stage patients off--or when patients didn’t want chemo and radiation. The Gerson diet is still used by millions, today, after a lifetime of efficacy proven by Dr. Gerson and the doctors who carried on his work. Robyn Openshaw leverages the best of the Gerson protocols in her teachings on detoxing, as well. Watch this short video, about what kinds of health benefits are reported most often!

In a Toxic World, Detoxing Isn’t Optional

As you become educated about how your body cleanses itself, and where it needs help, you may wish to “reboot” twice a year. When you do, Robyn explains how you are giving your fat cells a “pink slip.” That’s because most of us are holding onto fat stores, for a very important reason. And that is, chemical toxins are attracted to, and trapped in, fat stores. We struggle to eliminate those stores, when they’re occupied by holding toxins, to keep them out of critical organs like kidneys and liver. When we detoxify, we release fat stores far more easily, because they don’t have a job to do any more. And then we keep our cells and organs clean and clear, and able to keep up with us, with strength, mental resilience, and emotional clarity.

Emotional Benefits for a Physical Detox

If you join Robyn in this Video Masterclass, don’t miss her inspiring video, how releasing many years’ of toxic material, can lead to far more than physical healing. She explains in this special video, a bonus for those who have watched the first three videos, exactly why emotional energies are trapped in undigested proteins that build up in those eating the Standard American Diet. Grab your seat, while Robyn has made this amazing 4-video course available to you for free. You’re going to learn so much that you’ve never likely understood, before, about how to love your liver, and give it a rest twice a year. And how this will benefit your health and mood, in well over 500 different ways.

Top 10 Reasons to DETOX (not DIET!) 


We’ve read that calorie suppression and food fads haven’t served us very well, plus we’ve experienced it personally. But we swear that THIS time, we’re going to be the exception to the rule. We swear we’ll triumph over the statistics. (You know, those stats that we later regain every pound--and then some--when we enter into deprivation mode.) What if you could achieve the same weight-loss effects WITHOUT counting calories…..and achieve dozens of other health benefits at the same time? Like eliminating inflammation. Like joints not hurting as you cleanse excess sodium from your system. Like digestion healing. Like brain fog clearing. Like anxiety or depression lifting so you get your joie de vivre back! When your focus is on optimizing your organs of elimination, cleaning them out--you just might find that you kill 10 birds with the same stone! What 10 birds? That’s where you’ve got to watch this short video!

My good friend, author, researcher, and clinical therapist Robyn Openshaw has been studying human detoxification with the best holistic doctors, on 4 different continents, for 25 years. You might know her as “the GreenSmoothieGirl” online. But in this short video, she channels David Letterman and shares TEN different reasons you might want to tackle a significant detox…..rather than doing that same old DIET. (Again.)

Video: 10 Health Benefits of Detoxing: 

I’m really excited to invite you to her Detox Video Mini Masterclass going on right now, and it’s all FREE. You’ll learn why detoxing can lead to permanent weight loss, versus a diet. You’ll discover what the 7 types of toxicity are, in YOUR body, and how to eliminate them. You’ll also learn the 8 most detoxifying foods. (And the 11 most toxic foods!) Join us, and don’t be surprised if you end up getting off the dieting merry-go-round for good! The Detox Video Mini Masterclass closes in just a few days, so sign up to watch it now! (And, make sure you invite a friend, someone you’d love to have as your Accountability Buddy, in a Detox!) See you in the class! (Ask questions, and share your thoughts!)

Is Detoxing for You? (What’s EASY, and What’s HARD!)

Making a commitment to a DETOX is an exercise in radical self-love. Not deprivation and dieting. And it just might be the best thing that’s happened to you, in a very long time. For sure it’s going to start you off, ready for positive vibrations to attract the very best in 2017. A clean slate. My “GreenSmoothieGirl” friend Robyn Openshaw, a researcher and expert in human detoxification, made this short video about WHO should detoxify, and WHY? (Isn’t that what your kidneys, liver, and colon are for? Is “detoxing” bogus? She addresses these questions!) Check out what she has to say. She’s offering you a spot in her FREE Video Mini Masterclass, coming right up, on how to clean up and reboot your organs of elimination to feel better than you have in 20 years.

VIDEO: Is Detoxing For You?: 

She’s supported over 8,000 people through detoxing, gathered data, and she has some pretty interesting things to say about what happens, in the process! (What’s “easy and fun.” What’s “hard.” She’s really honest about it.) If you think detoxing is for weight loss, think again. Watch the short video to learn why some folks in the “ideal weight” category are at higher risk than those with lots of external body fat! 

Detoxing is for EVERYONE who lives where there’s car exhaust, processed food, chlorine and fluoride in the water, or stress. Robyn explains why. I’ve learned a lot from this video class, so I know you will, too. It’s a strange, polluted world out there, and we have to get very smart, to eliminate higher-than-ever toxic body burden! An extremely well tested detoxification process radically reduces your disease risk--plus, doing it for 26 days robs your fat stores of the job they’re currently doing for you. I highly recommend this Video Masterclass, where Robyn explains that. You’ve got just a few days to take advantage of it, before it comes down. I want the very best for you to head into warm weather and fun! I’m going to do this detox with Robyn, myself--and I hope you join me.

How to Lower Your Weight Set Point…..FOREVER

Don’t know what your “set point” is? You really need to learn this. You’re going to hear some new information in this class, about why WOMEN have a tougher time losing weight than men do, and what to do about it. You’ll learn a surprising reason why fat tends to accumulate around the middle. You’ll learn how Robyn--known online as “the GreenSmoothieGirl”--reset and lowered her own weight “set point” by 7 pounds, years ago. And has helped thousands of others do the same.

VIDEO: Why Detox is Better Than Dieting: 

It might make you feel better, learning why dieting isn’t the answer. (It’s not you! It’s the diet!) Why not consider detoxing, instead of dieting…...for 10x more gains than that old calorie suppressing “head game” you’ve done before? Watch the short video, and make sure to join Robyn in her Video Masterclass. It’s free, and you can watch immediately when you sign up…..but registration closes in just a couple of days. This is no diet. It’s the anti-diet, and it’s the path to freedom from calorie obsession. Enjoy!