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This journey began with a cancer diagnosis and has beautifully evolved into a mission fueled by the desire to inspire wellness journeys that feel EMPOWERING rather than restrictive or isolating. 

I'm here to help you find JOY in wellness and show you that a healthy lifestyle doesn't have to feel like a punishment. My hope is that no matter where you are on your journey, you find pieces of yourself in these pages, you discover simple ways to incorporate new habits, and you start to see the GIFT in every obstacle you encounter!

(Disclaimer: This site is not medical advice but  I N S P I R A T I O N.)

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 This is a blog that started & ended during my time with cancer. While I've closed that chapter of my life, I want my cancer journey to be endlessly exposed to serve those in search of another way.

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This is a new blog focused on growing in grace and finding balance within wellness that causes mind, body, and spirit to THRIVE. Relatability and Inspiration are the two driving forces behind the new content. 


I encourage you to move forward from wherever you are in this moment. I encourage you to embrace the fact that God gave you feet to move, not roots to stay stuck in your current position. Sometimes health goals feel like they're two steps forward and nine steps back. Other times it feels like leaps and bounds ahead. That’s where the JOURNEY comes in. Health is not a linear, "onward and upward" journey. And NO ONE gets there over night, but that does not mean we give up.  It means we keep our eyes on our "WHY", we get re-inspired, re-connected, and we press on.

 Start with where you are in this moment. Start with small. Start with broken, with nervous, or with excited. Start with hope. Start with here and now. It is time to get out of your own way and realize YOU were born to conquer, YOU were born to feel good, and more importantly, YOU were born to DO good with your heart beat. Get excited about bringing your FULL POTENTIAL out into the world. Get excited about the GIFT that your body is!

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