Made to Thrive

3/23/15 - My second life began. Cancer free

Here are some words written from my first celebration of this personal holiday, "They say God often uses our deepest pain to launch our greatest calling and I now know that to be true. The relationships formed have exceeded those that have broken. The wounds healed have exceeded those that still scar. The grace given has exceeded the grief. The strength has exceeded the sorrow. The new has exceeded the old. His purpose has exceeded my own. For that, I am eternally grateful."

3/23/18 - Three years. THREE!! Last May, a false positive test result lead to an open abdominal hysterectomy at 23... But guess what? The pathology report came back CLEAN. No cancer recurrence. Nada. I've had a lot of people say after my surgery "So, that stuff you did.. It didn't quite work, huh?" Quite the opposite! It worked WONDERFULLY then and it still does today, which is why I cannot contain my excitement about this new e-book I've poured my heart and soul into - Made to Thrive: A Survivors Guide.

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If we want to survive our situations we have to wake up to the reality that we are already surviving. We cannot fall into the trap of thinking that dis-ease has us and we have to somehow overcome it in order to gain survivorship. We will instead stand firm in knowing we have the dis-ease and that we are already winning the battle, not because of what test results say or what the people in fancy white coats tell us, but because of how our hearts align and by how we treat our bodies... We are already surviving. Once we make that shift mentally, we regain our unstoppable power and life can be seen through a little less daunting of a lens. So, my friend, you are a survivor. We are survivors (insert destiny's child "Survivor" lyrics).


From survivor to survivor, this book was written from such a deep place in my heart of sincere compassion and genuine love. Throughout my journey I've witnessed a need. They say, "be who you needed when you were younger." I am choosing to be the person I needed in my journey and also multiply the blessings I was given (to God be the glory). I had the overwhelming privilege to heal rare, aggressive, grade three ovarian cancer in the way I FELT CALLED TO. What. A. Blessing. Hundreds of people donated to my treatment cost, many uplifted me along the way, and a few had nothing but nasty things to say (thank you for the motivation). There are few things that break my heart more than seeing a sick person who longs to heal integrative-ly but cannot afford to do so, whether it be financially, emotionally, or physically. So, I am bringing pieces of my experience to you! In the next few pages, you will find the five things I absorbed and practiced at integrative cancer treatment that ANYONE can incorporate into their healing or wellness routines at home. No access to holistic centers needed. Whether you're undergoing chemo and radiation, trying to keep recurrences away, or you are already in remission... This is for you! 
Let's link arms, get down to earth and comfortable with one another, and make the commitment to thrive. The only word I love more than survivor is "thriver". Okay, it's not a real word,  but it is how I define myself now… I don't just merely survive, I choose to thrive. I believe the difference between barely surviving and fully thriving starts with checking off these 5 to thrive.

Every journey is unique, so make this information your own. I provide multiple ways to seamlessly incorporate these practices into your daily life. Take what feels like a good fit, and let go of what doesn't. There's no room for judgement here, only love. 


Super simple!

1. Go to

2. Follow the set of instructions to get it delivered straight to your inbox as a downloadable PDF!!

I look forward to sharing with you what the next 365 days holds. I can already guarantee that each one will be cherished! 

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