My Favorite Superfood

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I wanted to shoot you some information about my favorite superfood: Four Sigmatic Mushrooms. If you follow me on Instagram, you've probably already heard my schpeel... BUT I wanted to give you more details on WHICH mushrooms do WHAT for the body so you can find the right fit for YOU based on YOUR own body's needs.

I am super excited because my friends over at Four Sigmatic have been kind enough to give me a discount code for ya'll to use AT CHECKOUT for an additional 10% off your entire order!

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Let's first chat about my personal love story with shrooms & then we'll take a peak at all of the products!


After my most recent surgery last year, my body did NOOOT react well to all of the drugs. A systemic candida infection manifested itself and my throat was in SO much pain. I had candida overgrowth that made it's home in my mouth aka: Thrush. I could not take even a sip of coffee without getting an intense burning pain in my mouth and down my throat. I was doing all the right things holistically, but I knew coffee was a big "no no" for candida. It wasn't until I got the advice from a fellow holistic cancer healer /chiropractor that said "why don't you just drink mushroom coffee?! That will not only NOT hurt you, but help your body heal and adapt." I thought he was totally off his rocker, but I'm a bit out there myself (as you all know by now) so I gave it a shot. I kid you not, I drank the whole thing without pain or increase in symptoms. It was like Christmas morning. I could have my coffee and my health too. That was when I realized, "Maybe there is something to this whole mushroom thing." The further I dug into it, the more amazed I was at all of the ways they heal the body and restore natural responses to internal and environmental stressors. What I also didn't realize is that traditional, non organic coffee has MYCOTOXINS and MOLD. I am severely allergic to mold and mildew, but the last place I thought to look for it was in my cup... YUCK!! (Health is overwhelming I know, GMO free, gluten free, dairy free, etc. etc. etc. but, friends, if you have an allergy to mold you should definitely be drinking organic, mycotoxin free coffee otherwise you are stimulating a histamine / inflammatory response in your bod with every single sip which will leave you feeling fatigued and yucky.

Four Sigmatic is mycotoxin free, organic, and easy on the go WITH ADDED BENEFITS from the insanely healing shrooms. So I love it, I think you'll love it, and that's why I'm sharing!


There truly is something for everyone to be found here! I would advise you to make your selection based on these two things:

1. What does your body need? Do you have... Digestion issues? Fatigue? Brain fog? Hormone imbalance? Stress? Liver issues? Kidney problems? Adrenal fatigue? Candida? Low immunity? Feel like you're getting sick all of the time? Decide what your body needs help with and want to get out of your shrooms.

2. What's your vice? I am a coffee-holic and I know it, so that's a super easy way for me to get my shrooms in! If I can drink my morning or afternoon cup o Joe with a little health benefit on the side, why the heck not?! Regardless where you stand with coffee, there is plenty of options to go around - Hot chocolate, Matcha, Tumeric lattes, Chai lattes, plan shrooms to add in YOUR favorite beverage or smoothie. 




ADAPTOGEN COFFEE: Master stress and cut out the caffeinated jitters, so you can take on the demands of everyday life. Slaying that big work project? Gotta get the kids to school? Taking on a new side hustle? However you spend your days, power up while keeping calm, cool, and collected with shade-grown organic coffee blended with tulsi and astragalus.

Elixirs + Blends



MATCHA: Our Four Sigmatic Mushroom Matcha contains that organic, ceremonial grade good stuff with a powerful dose of our brain-hugging lion’s mane mushroom and ginger. Some might say, it’s a matcha made in heaven.

CHARCOAL LEMONADE: Detoxification Nation


CHARCOAL LEMONADE: A lemonade that could actually make you feel better, not worse? The Mushroom Lemonade with Charcoal & Chaga is your occasional, all-in-one support for digestion, skin wellbeing, and detox. Free from the sugar-packed ingredients of a typical lemonade, this jet-black powder combines the antioxidant properties of chaga with activated charcoal for digestive support and lemon to assist hydration and skin wellbeing, to help you glow from the inside out.




GOLDEN LATTE: Support beauty where it counts – from within. Our lightly sweet and dairy-free Golden Latte with Shiitake and Turmeric is like your own personal airbrush tool, but better, helping you put your best face forward with beautifying shiitake and glow-from-within turmeric. Additional ingredients include adaptogenic tulsi, warming ginger, and a pinch of black pepper to support turmeric’s skin-loving properties.

GUT LOVING CHAI LATTE: Get to the gut of the matter with turkey tail and reishi. Our lightly sweet and dairy-free chai latte supports a happy belly with gut-loving turkey tail, calming reishi and classic carminative spices. Like a sweet belly rub, support your “second brain” with a comforting cup of classic chai!

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My personal favorite way to enjoy my 'shrooms is to heat up 8 -10 oz purified water (from my Berkey filter that I adore) and add the hot water along with the packet or scoop of shrooms in my favorite coffee mug. Then I add a little bit of organic liquid stevia to sweeten it + a splash of almond milk.

If you want a creamier cup you can add coconut butter and collagen + use Four Sigmatics handheld frother for some extra fancy in your cup. It's like Starbucks at home but healthier, better for you, and cheaper! It's a win, win, win.

I hope this helps! Don't hesitate to reach out with any questions you may have. I would love to help!