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I want to first deeply thank you for continuing along with me on this journey!

While the previous blog was incredible for updates, support, fundraising, and sharing my story - I've been longing to share even more with you and provide a resource that combines all aspects of my journey in an easily accessible way.

I've been given the gift of new life by God and I have a burning desire to share it with any and every one who wants to be apart of it. Until this point, I haven't been sure of what my next step would be. Many people have told me to write a book (which is very flattering and I thank you for that). However, after being a full-time chiropractic student, keeping up with therapies, and maintaining a healthy balance in life - there is not a whole lot of room left for the book writing process. Nonetheless, sharing more detailed information is very possible in the form of an informative website, complete with short reads, and easily accessible articles.

The site is geared toward every one, no matter where he or she may be at on his or her health journey. Whether you are wanting a daily pick me up, a healthy recipe to fix your sweet tooth, holistic nutrition advice, information about integrative cancer treatments, or inspiration to turn your fears into faith - my hope is that you can find an abundance of it here.

Please browse the links above and the categories underneath them! When articles are posted here it will not publish as blog posts did before. (By clicking the arrows under each, it will lead you too the sub-category article). So far I've written about my diagnosis in great detail under the "cancer schmancer" link and also posted few of my favorite recipes. My goal is to have all categories filled within the next week so be sure to check them out if you are interested!

Be the one who nurtures and builds. Be the one who has an understanding and a forgiving heart, one who looks for the best in other people. Leave people better than you found them. Be an encourager. The world has plenty of critics already.

Sending my sincerest appreciation your way,

Jessica Lynn