Fear into love

IMG_0663I'm not typically one for hospital or procedure pictures, but today makes an exception because today is the day! I finally get my port placed, and *drum roll* without being put under. I've had a lot of apprehension about this procedure. I'm not sure why THIS of all of the previous is what is most frightening to me. I think it's because when I think of ports I think of Cancer, but then I remind myself - it's just "recnac" ;) and this little device is going to make my treatments much easier. The past few days have been wonderful yet an absolute whirlwind. My sister Kim is with me now, and her radiating positivity and bubbly personality are enough to light up any room. (Sometimes I have to wonder if she has a secret as to where all the energy comes from) I am learning a lot from her as she is teaching me to turn fear into love I have to admit, it feels pretty d*mn good to let go of the fears that I cannot control. God is in control. He has His loving arms around me, swarming me with love. What more could I really need?! I am so thankful for all of those reaching out as we get settled into the healing process. I will be heading into surgery shortly to be one step closer to kicking recnac to the curb! Amen to that!!