"How completely satisfying to turn from our limitations to a God that has none." - A.W. Tozer

a6e7ebaf1e0a0cbac777a3d1b95717e6 As many of you know, God has, without a doubt, been working miraculously in my life. I didn't really think or know that blessings could get greater than completely healing from a rare and aggressive cancer in just seven weeks, but I've recently learned that they definitely do.

Upon returning home, I went through a stage of confusion. I knew that I had been insanely blessed by God, but I couldn't understand fully why I was the one chosen to recieve such a gift. I knew there was a purpose, and a big one at that. However, I didn't quite know what it was or how to find it. In time, God slowly revealed to me my true purpose - helping others find the joy in healing.

God has sent many beautiful people into my life. But until recently, most of those people were lead to me in order to lift me up. But now the tables are starting to turn, and I'm getting to be that person for other people. I have been graciously blessed to experience what it is like to be able to be a resource of inspiration and information for someone else's healing journey.

This past week I received a text message from a friend and old co-worker of mine, asking for some guidance. She was asking in regards of a friend of a friend who is fighting for his health and willing to do anything to get it back. Like me, this man is not willing to obey his man-made expiration date. He had tried to reach out to An Oasis of Healing after hearing my story and wasn't getting through. After sending messages back and forth relaying between the four of us, the end result was a phone call from An Oasis of Healing!! He is excited about pursuing treatment there and I am so excited that God allowed our paths to cross and I was able to assist him in getting to the healing center. I ask that you beautiful supportive people pray for this man's willingness to walk God's path and follow His faith in this healing journey - WHEREVER it may lead him. 


I am also beaming with happiness as I invite you to check out Cheryl's Journey. Cheryl is from Kearny, Nebraska, battling stage 4 breast cancer with tremendous grace and courage. After her oral course of chemotherapy proved “ineffective,” she was told she was “running out of time." She chose to pursue treatment at An Oasis of Healing in Mesa, Arizona (whoop whoop!!!). It delights me to see the posts of positivity and progress that Cheryl is experiencing! I pray for continued strength and progress as she walks in the path that God has planned for her. I know what amazing support all of you are, and I ask that you keep Cheryl in your prayers. 


These two fighters have chosen An Oasis of Healing, but it's important to know that every diagnosis, as well as every journey, is completely unique. I believe that each and every journey is beautiful and inspiring in its own way, no matter what the course of treatment may be. Trusting in the Lord and clinging to his promises are what lead you through regardless. I am so happy to have the pleasure of knowing fighters from multiple journies with unique stories. 

Thank you, supporters, for sharing my story with others - so beautiful things like I mentioned above can happen!! 

With love and appreciation,

Jessica Lynn