New Normal

Today marks one week since I've flown home from Mesa and also marks the first day of outpatient therapies! For the past week I've been unpacking, settling in, rejoicing in the good news, and adjusting to all the lifestyle changes at home. Today was my first appointment here in Omaha at a clinic called Alternatives, and it is AMAAAAZING! I feel so fortunate to have a place close by that will administer the IVs I need, do follow up care, and support my  treatment plan! While I miss all of the staff and people at the Oasis, the staff here is very friendly and comforting!

I will be recieving therapeutic levels of IV vitamin C once per week here and getting periodic blood labs to make sure everything keeps going in the right direction. Tomorrow I meet with the nutritionist and supplement specialist here to go over all of my labs and levels to make sure my supplements that I am taking are completely compatible and there aren't any deficiencies anywhere. I feel so lucky to have such a great place at home to continue care, because now that the Recnac is GONE, I need to keep it AWAY for good!! The best part about it all is that when I am done with therapies/treatment here I get to go HOME for the rest of the day and sleep in my own bed :)


So many people have asked what my home plan looks like. Here are some of my DAILY Cancer kickers at home:

  • Saline enemas
  • (Green) coffee enemas
  • Raw vegan diet
  • Dry brushing (for lymphatics)
  • Morning supplements
  • Afternoon supplements
  • Castor oil packs
  • (Soon to be) Rebounding
  • Exercise

WEEKLY Cancer kickers

  • IV Vitamin C at high dosage
  • Colonics
  • Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber
  • Port maitenence and blood work
  • Infrared sauna (3x per week)

Most of those probably sound completely foreign to most people, because they certainly were to me at first! It's a little tricky to develop a new routine involving all of these wonderful things into daily life, but each day gets a little easier!

The amount I have learned about the root of health and wellness is absolutely indescribable. No dollar amount can touch the experience and insight that I have gained in the past three and a half months. I am forever grateful for that. God has a big purpose for all of this and it is being revealed to me more and more each day. I have such a burning desire to share my journey with any and every one I encounter, because I am just so entirely grateful. There isn't a day I that I don't wake up thankful for my body, my ovaries, my health, and my quality of life. Thank you for supporting me and being a motivation every day to keep going, to keep pressing forward, and to rejoice in all of life's blessings!

With love,

Jessica Lynn