Rainbows and Puppy Kisses

Many families are spending the weekend amongst pastel decorations, dyed eggs, little peep candies, a variety of jelly beans, and big chocolate bunnies. Our family's Easter weekend use to consist of the same. But five years ago we were blessed with another holiday to celebrate at this time. A holiday filled with rainbows, balloons, chocolate cake, a special movie, and a very special little girl that we cherish deeply - Lexi Jewel Nielsen.

April 5th is Lexi's "Gotcha Day," the day her adoption was finalized in the courts, she was ours FOREVER! What an amazing gift to celebrate as a family!    Lexi adds color to life without even knowing it. She brightens my world and gives me so much hope for the future. There is no doubt in my mind that God knew what he was doing when he brought Lexi Jewel to Lisa and Aaron, she was made for our family.  Yesterday, we celebrated with lunch at her favorite restaurant and came home to Lexi's rainbow Hawaiian party! She requested we serve "Steak & Pancakes" for dinner and chocolate rainbow cake for dessert :)     After dinner we all gathered to watch Lexi's Gotcha Day video. This year makes 5/5 for all of us turning into puddles.     

Our family grew with another wonderful little babe this weekend as well.. Except he has four legs, tiny paws, and lots of fur. 


Meet my new best friend, Lodi. I named him after Dr. Lodi, one of my doctors in Arizona who helped me save my own life in the battle against ovarian cancer.

This little ball of fur is a constant reminder to enjoy the little things in life, like puppy kisses and waking up WAY too early just to play outside.  


Thank you to my amazing family and boyfriend for an early 21st birthday present that will bring me so much joy and happiness every single day of this beautiful life!🐶🐾

 "A dog has a way of filling an emptiness you didn't even know you had."