Slowly, but Surely.

Hello lovely supporters, I apologize for my lack of keeping in touch through blog posts. Life has been so crazy and beautiful that I haven't taken the time to just sit down and reflect.

I have taken the time, however, to celebrate and embrace the wonderful news. I got to spend the Easter holiday and Lexi's Gotcha Day at home and I enjoyed every minute of it. I was also able to make a trip to Iowa City to see my roommates and visit my college life which was an indescribable gift. I never knew if that was going to happen again and to be there to just take it all in was pretty amazing. I've also gotten to celebrate the engagement of two of the most deserving people I know, Madi Baack and Brayton Ringsdorf. I was so thankful to be able to be apart of that special time. Today, Janna was able to come to treatment with me in Omaha and see what that was like. It was amazing to have her company and support.

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Today marks THREE WEEKS since I left Mesa CANCER FREE. Which is still entirely surreal to me, because the days, weeks, and months prior were completely consumed with cancer. First it was about taking in the news and not completely shutting down. Then it was about taking initiative and making appointments for additional testing to figure out the stage and grade of my cancer. Then it was about figuring out what the recommended steps were. Then it was going to more appointments for second, third, and fourth opinions. In between those appointments it was about researching options and reaching out for guidance. Then it became about choosing what path I was going to take in the hopes of conquering cancer. And once I found my path of treatment, it was about finding the means to make it happen. When I finally got to that point, it became about fighting with every thing I had, even on the days I wanted to give up. Long story short, the days of NOT being completely consumed with cancer still feel so far off that some times I don't even know how to act or how to just relax and take a deep breath. Coming home and being put back into the fast-paced reality of life has been quite an adjustment, but a wonderful one at that. I stop and find myself in awe very often because I never knew if this day was going to come.

My days after cancer are much different than my days before cancer. My mindset has taken a 180 and my gratitude is so endless that I am not even sure how to express it at times. I look at even the littlest things in life so much differently. I use to wake up each morning and instantly think about that days tasks ahead. Whether it be studying, working, going to class, or crossing things off of my to-do list. Those days of waking up like that are gone. Mornings are so beautiful. I wake up at home and praise The Lord for being here. I thank Him for renewing me and giving me new life. Every day that I wake up cancer free is full of bliss, but it also comes with a certain pressure to keep working toward my health. I have been given such a rare opportunity and also such an enormous amount of support. I have received too many blessings to just stop now. While my PET scan is clear, the fight is not over. I am continuing to fight and I will fight for my health for the rest of my life. I cannot un-learn or un-experience the journey I've been taken down, and for good reason. I have said many times that I know God has placed this journey in my life for great purpose. I also know that agreeing to taking this route and pursuing it whole-heartedly means never giving up, never letting go, and never forgetting how much of a gift a healthy life is. Why waste it?


My goal with this blog is to continue to update you about my cancer-free lifestyle and how I continue to work for my health. I want to share with you some of the things that I do and why I do them for my health. I have had a desire to share my journey with absolutely everyone and this seems to be a good way of doing so :)

My hope is that people continue to benefit from reading my posts. I want to share bits and pieces of the knowledge I have gained in hopes that they may be applicable to your own lives or spark a healthy thought here and there.


With Love,

Jessica Lynn