Strong Enough 

God works in mysterious ways.   I woke up this morning to the munchkins singing Happy Birthday. We had fruit "cake" in our PJ's and opened presents. The next thing on my list of wishes for the day was to go enjoy a cup of coffee at my favorite coffeeshop in Omaha called Stories. When I got to Stories to meet Lisa and Aaron, they said some Matthew West guy was here with his tour bus (not knowing he is one of my favorite Christian singers). His song "Strong Enough" was a theme song of mine that got me through some dark moments these past several months.

"Cause I'm broken. Down to nothing. But I'm still holding on to the one thing. You are God, and, you are strong when I am weak. I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength, and I don't have to be, strong enough."

He was here in Omaha to debut a new song written about the lovely girl pictured below. He chose from about 40,000 stories submitted to him, and ended up choosing to write for this beautiful soul, sharing her inspirational story through the lyrics of his new song.

After listening in awe and as things wrapped up,  I found the courage to share my story with him. I got the opportunity to thank him for what he has done in my heart and in my journey with Christ. He has NO idea how much his music has impacted me and lead me through the darkness to see God's light. ❤️ God knew what he was doing this morning, what an amazing birthday gift!!