Teal & Twenty One 

Last weekend was a feeling I'll never forget. I woke up in Omaha with pure gratitude to see "Saturday, April 25" on my phone's home screen. It started off as a rainy and dreary morning, but nothing could dull the light of excitement within my heart. I had known about the benefit bar crawl for a while, but I knew there was a possibility that I would be watching it all unfold at a distance. So to wake up at home, and to know that I was able to make the trip to Iowa City to see everyone was such an amazing feeling!   

    Teal shirts flooded the streets of downtown Iowa City. The sight of it all brought goosebumps to my body and tears to my eyes. I was reunited with so many beautiful people that have supported my journey and were ready to CELEBRATE LIFE! A big bright smile was permanently plastered to my face as I walked around all night, throwing gratitude around like confetti (and taking pics with my new selfie stick).       I often found myself caught up in the appreciation of just being able to be there, especially with so many friends and family in one place. It was hard to fathom that all of it was for me - a truly rewarding moment!   

Saturday we celebrated life.

Sunday night we celebrated my 21st birthday. Another beautiful blessing, to see another birthday. Especially considering the surgery that I was suppose to undergo prior to chemo would have had me technically still turning 21 years old, but my body/physical state would be similar to that of a 45-60 year old going through menopause (leaving a whole nother slue of health problems). I felt so fortunate to feel 21 in every way shape and form. We went out for dinner as a group and danced the night away (Well.. I danced the night away. Haha)

         Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for such an amazing memory that I will cherish for the rest of my life. Seeing that weekend through my own eyes is a gift I cannot really describe. My 21st birthday was better than I ever could have dreamt it to be.

Through trials of life it is important to give thanks and grow. Through life's blessings it is important to give thanks and CELEBRATE. Even if that blessing be a breath of fresh air or hearing your own heart beat wildly. 

I thank the Lord for giving me so many trials to grow from and so many blessings to celebrate (including such wonderful people in my life to celebrate with me!) 


You are truly incredible. Xoxo.

Jessica Lynn