The Eve of Insanely Positive Therapy

IMG_0650 Hello supporters!

I apologize for the lapse of time. I have revisited my blog a couple times today, thinking that I would have posted by now. I have typed and re-typed multiple ways to thank you all, but nothing seems to do justice as to how sincere my gratitude is. I still feel so genuinely lucky to be able to receive this treatment and I am appreciative of every little thing. It is truly remarkable to see the power behind me with each step that I take on this journey.

A little update about the past week:

  • First of all, it has been insanely busy with a lot of adjustments, both mentally and physically. I feel that I have finally reached the point of acceptance and I am ready to move forward tomorrow with my very FIRST IPT/chemotherapy! I'm not going to sugar coat it. It has not been an easy adjustment from college life into this new lifestyle, but it has forced me to push myself beyond my comfort zone. I grow more and more fascinated each day of treatment at how well the therapies are ALREADY working. Some of the chief therapies that I currently do are IV drips of: vitamin C, vitamin B17, ALA, and blood ozone therapies that oxygenate your blood and rid it of bacteria and fungi (cancer cannot survive in an oxygenated environment). I also do lymphatic drainage, manual lymphatic therapies, colon hydrotherapies, myofascial therapies, and so on. (But I won’t bore you with the explanations of each. Sometimes I have to realize not everyone is quiiiite as fascinated as I am, but when you feel it and see it first hand it is insanely powerful). I am also eating completely raw vegan. Everyone in from the midwest reading this is probably choking at the word “raw” or “vegan” right now haha. I will be the first to admit, it isn’t easy to do when you grow up on meat and potatoes. But I am learning quickly and my body is thanking me for it already. They are great here about teaching you how to prepare the foods and how to incorporate what you love in order to make it a sustainable lifestyle after impatient treatment. (The wildest thing I’ve seen yet might be that even my dad has been eating raw and vegan with me while he is here. Talk about crazy!)
  • My port surgery went well. I have no doubt that it was due to all of the encouragement and prayers I received - thank you for that! I was very afraid of the unknown, but it went well and it is making daily treatments much MUCH easier.
  • We also recieved the results from my PET scan last week. We were pleased to find out that my cancer has NOT metastasized to anywhere else in the body!! Which made me feel like I could really take a deep breath again. However, they did find some metabolic activity in the ovaries. Annnnd suddenly that whole “deep breath” thing went out the window. When I first heard that it was as if my heart had dropped to the bottom of my shoes. But, once I stopped being stubborn and I forced myself back into reality to listen to the doctors, I realized that the activity could be due to a lot of different things, such as healing from my previous surgery to remove the tumors, menstrual activity, or a possibly remaining Recnac. Amazingly, the Insulin Potentiated Therapy/ low dose BEP chemotherapy will target the areas with highest metabolic activity and are they are specific to my recnac type. In addition, all of the lifestyle changes as well as minimizing internal sugar, maximizing internal oxygen, and making my body an alkaline environment are all going to be essential weapons in this fight.
  • Tomorrow is Day 1 of battle and I am armed and ready to attack! I’ve decided to declare my IPT (chemo) days as Insanely Positive Therapy days to pinpoint my recnac cells and get them out of this body ASAP. I am a little nervous, but any unfamiliar thing is a scary at first, simply because you don’t know what to expect. But, I’m convinced that my doctors and nurses have some of the kindest souls around. They do a really wonderful job of keeping me at ease and making each day about furthering the healing process. My greatest asset in this battle comes from above. The big man upstairs and I have become the best of friends and I tell ya what, He really brings a lot of peace into my heart. I remind myself every day that He is the Almighty healer and with Him NOTHING is impossible.

A few of my favorite things about this past week:

- Although this Valentines Day was different in plenty of ways, it was surprisingly the best one yet. Kim, Deek, and I took the day to completely relax in the sun and we went out for (a raw vegan) dinner that evening. I felt so loved the entire day. I received valentines and heart cut outs from Lexi, Jude, and Miles, beautiful flowers from the Bohlke family, an amazing present from Jeremy.


- Having my dad here has been absolutely hilarious and so fun. He adds a whole new dynamic to the treatment center. (Those of you who know Deek know exactly what I am talking about). It's been awesome to see how involved he is in my healing and also to have some quality father daughter time - even in the kitchen. (I caught him chugging and loving his green smoothie, but he doesn't know about that yet).


The other patients at treatment often wonder how someone my age got to be in this position and the story of how I got here makes me smile. I tell them how lucky I am to be able to have this opportunity for integrative treatment and how all of the amazing support I have received back home and through social media is part of what got me here. I'm fighting my hardest and I cannot wait to share this vision of health with others in my future.

Sending you my deepest thanks and warmest regards,

Jessica Lynn