We have arrived and healing has begun!

Hello my incredible supporters! We have made it to Mesa! The sunshine and environment here is healing in itself!! Yesterday we spent the day searching and found our new "humble abode" and ended up settling in at a nearby extended stay. The people here are very accomodating of our situation and the energy here is incredible - everyone is so happy :)

Today was the start of my healing journey. I honestly didn't think it was possible to feel any more at peace with my decision, but I was proven wrong when I met my doctors and nurses face to face. They are AMAZING. I also got a chance to meet some of the other patients who were very welcoming and so at peace with their care.

Tomorrow we dive in a little deeper. I am quickly learning how to channel nervousness into excitement for the road ahead! Tomorrow morning will consist of time with Dr. Lodi, then we will do more therapies, immune IV's, and also get my port placed. If all goes as planned (fingers crossed) I begin the low dose IPT and BEP chemo treatment Monday, which would make Monday technically "Day 1" of treatment!

A couple of my favorite things about my journey here thus far:

  • I've adapted a new term called "Recnec" - it's just cancer spelled backwards,  the word cancer makes people turn their heads and is associated with so much fear so it's just a little something to take away that power
  • My RN Steven is hilarious. He pops in and out of my therapies and he has the same sense of humor as I do, he reminds us all of Jeremy and that makes me feel really comfortable.
  • The concierge at our hotel's name is Jordyn, which reminds me of my roommate Jordyn because she is every bit as friendly. We address each other by name already and she told me we can be Arizona BBFs
  • Most importantly: Having my mom and my sister here with me has been the biggest blessing for so many reasons, but especially for my spirit. We find every excuse we can to laugh our butts off and enjoy the time spent.

I just want to genuinely and sincerely thank each and every one of you who have joined me on this journey. I am so so so entirely grateful. It is truly incredible to see all of those that have supported me by either sharing the link, reaching out, donating, or writing lovely messages for me. I often reflect on all of the support I have and it keeps me going. This process is incredible and I feel so blessed to have you on my side :)

With love,