"Wherever you are, be all there"

FullSizeRender Each week I set a personal goal. This week my goal is to focus on being in the present, rather than dreaming of what could be in the future. My whole life, I have been guilty of consistently looking ahead at the good things to come and ways to improve. And while that is not necessarily a bad thing, it can sometimes be a wasted opportunity to be grateful for what already IS wonderful in the present and what already HAS improved.

"Wherever you are, be all there."

I have to remind myself that there was a day in my past that I dreamed of a future day like today. That at one point, I could not hardly sleep until I had a plan to heal my body. Now, I have that plan and I am truly living that plan, but I find myself dreaming of the next step, rather than giving thanks that this day has come. What I am forgetting to do is realize that each of these days (no matter how big or small, difficult or simple) really do matter, and each of these days are days that I will reflect on the future and see as such a blessed time in my life.

Society teaches us to always want bigger, to always want better, and to never stop reaching for more. But in the midst of all of the reaching and striving, we can really lose a sense of just how beautiful life is in the now.

Today, I am utterly thankful for the gift of today. I am thankful for the place I have reached in my journey. I am thankful for the struggles that each day has brought thus far - I see life more clearly because of them.

Day 2 of IPT has come and I tackled it like a champ, which is not something I could have done (with a big smile on my face) without God's immense love and the continous support of all of you. Today I am extremely grateful that God's plan is not in my hands, because I have come to realize that life is so much more amazing when I let go of control.

I also want to express my sincere grattitude for all of the wonderful gifts of the "now" - including everyone currently reading this and supporting me. I still cannot believe the immense amount of support in various forms that I have received. No matter where this road ahead leads, that is something I will truly wake up and cherish each and every day of this journey.

Sending love, sunshine, and gratitude your way,

Jessica Lynn