To those who tried to place an expiration date on my life, this one's for you.

Today, the calendar of special dates got a brand new addition. It is my own personal holiday, March 23rd. Today is the day that a simple piece of paper has revealed all that I know in my heart to be true. Remember all of that talk about God being the Almighty Healer? Well I think this confirms that Him and I make a pretty amazing team. This morning I had my second PET scan, exactly six weeks from my last. I woke up with a grateful heart. I knew that no matter what the scan said, I felt the best I have ever felt (and that right there is saying something). In the hour that the radioactive contrast went through my veins I sat in a room by myself and just prayed from the deepest part of my heart. I could feel God with me and I knew that with His hand, everything was going to be okay regardless of the results. However, I had NO idea how amazing they would turn out to be: there is NO trace of cancer, NO trace of metabolic activity, NO abnormalities all of it is COMPLETELY GONE!



And do you want to know what is even better yet?! My ovaries that were supposed to be cut out three months ago, they are FULLYFUNCTIONINGAGAIN!! I will get to be a mommy some day.

It is so hard for me to find the words to type to begin to express my tremendous gratitude and love. I have so much I want to share with you about my journey at An Oasis of Healing. I just want to shout on the mountain tops how great our God is and how we can use the tools He gave us to restore our bodies. I knew in my heart from the beginning that conventional medicine wasn't the way I needed to heal my body from disease and cancer, I knew there was a different answer. Something in my gut kept telling me to dig deeper, find more, and keep looking. I am so utterly and ever so grateful that God lead me to An Oasis of Healing and also for all of the support I have received in my choice (even if you don't all necessarily agree). I have whole-heartedly believed in healing this way, but I never knew it would be this earth shatteringly beautiful to experience first hand.

I will be sharing more with you tomorrow, but I had to get the news out tonight. I am just too excited to contain it any longer. I have NEVER been happier, healthier, or more whole.

With so much love,

Jessica Lynn


These two amazing human beings are who I am extremely blessed to call my doctors who have taught me more about health and life than anyone else I have encountered. From Day 1 they have encouraged me, believed in me, and taken the fear away from my diagnosis. They have given off a level of confidence in my ability to beat this and rise above it, being a stronger and better version of myself with the knowledge to ward off any future illness. Now I know why. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, for not only saving my life, but for creating in me a new life that is going to flourish for years to come. I cannot wait to share the grace and help others in the ways that you have helped restore and save my life.


When I was younger I use to think that praying meant kneeling at the bedside, hands folded, eyes shut, reciting prayers that I had memorized, containing words I didn't really understand. Eventually.. I became a teenager and quit praying.

(Unless of course there was the rare and extreme importance for things like "Dear God, please help me get an A on this exam, and I'll go to church this weekend AND next weekend. Ok deal. You're the best. Amen")

Over the past few years, my spiritual journey has taught me that prayer is not about fulfilling my own wishes, but for asking God to align me with His will. I'm still not the kind that gets much out of kneeling at the bedside, because instead of praying I'm just thinking about what I need to do the next day, what I'm hungry for, or what was on twitter. If I do that, I end up saying some rehearsed prayer that "sounds" good but doesn't come from the heart. So learning how to pray was something I had to work at. I didn't realize that there were so many different ways to build a relationship with God.

A very wise woman told me shortly after my diagnosis, "When you can't find the words to pray… sing!" I don't even like to hear myself sing in the shower unless music is blaring, so I didn't quite just start belting out some gospel. But I've found a lot of really good Christian music that has moved mountains for me, espeically at treatment and on days like today. I listen to it in the morning when I get ready for the day, in between things, in headphones at treatment, and before bed some nights when I am so overwhelmed I can't even form a thought.

Tonight is one of those nights, as it is the night before my PET scan. All day I have been trying to prepare for the acceptance of whatever the next step may be. I have been thinking about the past six and a half weeks in Arizona and how much I have grown as a person. I am filled with gratitude and continually feel entirely blessed.

God is working through me and miraculous events have are taking place. Cancer has brought my relationship with Christ to greater depths than I'd ever imagined possible in my own life, and cancer has lead me to a personal chosen journey down a holistic path of integrative medicine that has me feeling the healthiest I have EVER felt. Those two statements being made, there is also no denying that God placed this illness in my life for good purpose. These two thoughts leave me speechless. How do I even begin to thank? How do I even begin to praise? How do I even begin to re-pay?

So I turned to the only way I know how to praise, pray, and thank without words…

… Music

I hope some of you might find comfort in these as well.


Jessica Lynn

I'll never say the word pancake the same.

Wow 11074448_10153137280984500_4021725972985382427_n

Today is a day that I will never forget. I had a such hard time falling asleep last night. I felt like a little kid the night before Christmas, because this is one of the very best gifts I could ever receive. A selfless gathering of some of my biggest supporters: those so close to my heart, those there in spirit, and those who barely know me rooting for me back home. There are no words for how amazing today was or how grateful I truly am. I am still getting over the fact that I couldn't be there to personally thank all of you, but I am so glad that I got to watch it unfold from afar through FaceTime and photos. Thank you to all who took the time out of their Saturday to make it to the benefit and to those who have been planning and working hard for weeks to make it all happen! You are truly wonderful, and you rock those bracelets well.

Please watch the video below as a display of my gratitude to you all!

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With so much love,

Jessica Lynn

Three Months.

So I was sitting in my chair today at treatment, getting some therapeutic IV vitamin C which takes about eight years to fully drip (okay maybe like three hours). Anyway, I ran out of articles to read, all social media had been refreshed at least five times, and I was aimlessly swiping through my apps on my phone when I realized the date. March 19: three months since I was diagnosed. It hit me like a freight train. To most people it's just another date, but even just reading it on my calendar made my heart sink as I was completely overwhelmed and taken back by all that has happened such a short amount of time. I reflected on the days following December 19, that eventually ran into weeks, which turned into months. I remember every single silly detail about December 19th. But what's funny is how I woke up that morning never knowing that day would be significant, especially not significant enough to change my entire life. But three months ago my new life began with a simple phone call. I actually hung up the phone, refusing to believe that it wasn't just a bad dream. I did NOT want to give up my protected life, where my biggest worry was an upcoming exam or what I was going to wear out on a Friday night. Because after you are given that news, there is no going back and saying "Eh.. Thanks but no thanks, cancer, maybe some other time." You are forced to figure out how you are going to stand up and fight for your faith, for your God, and for your life. I didn't ask for cancer and I couldn't have ever planned for it. Because  "Extremely Rare Germ Cell Ovarian Cancer" sure as heck was not ever written in ANY of my three OCD planners. I've begged for guidance. I've begged for strength. I've begged to be emptied of myself and to be filled with His will. And while there isn't a whole lot that I would call beautiful about the fear-based life threatening disease, there is beauty in the chaos. I never would expect to say that. And some of you may disagree with me. But this journey is beautiful. God has answered me ten fold. He has shown me WHY this is happening to me. He has shown me the PURPOSE all of this pain will have in my future. He has shown me HOW to get through, by giving me the guidance and faith I need to press on. He has shown me how truly BLESSED and loved I am in this life through the endless showers of support from all of you.

These past three months haven't been even close to what I would define as easy or fun. And I'm sure the next three months will not be any cake walk either. But this is my beautiful, fearless, unpredictable story that God is writing for me. Sometimes I wonder if he needs a better editor. (He hollers out, "PLOT TWIST" way too frequently). But I can feel my life transforming as I let go of my own earthly capabilities and place my trust in Him. I know that every step of this journey has genuine purpose in my future. I will use it to help others, sharing even the most personal details of my path with them.

Thank you for making this journey in Arizona possible. I truly do not think I would have this attitude without all that I have learned here. Thank you for supporting my decision that I felt was the right route for me to heal. Thank you for believing in me, that I am bigger than this cancer, and that my life is just beginning. 

It use to devastate me to hear that 70% of women diagnosed with ovarian cancer die within 5 years of their diagnosis. But I now have enough fiest and faith in me to say proudly that I AM going to show those statistics, not only who's boss, but who my God is.

He is the only one capable of writing my expiration date. 

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Que the paper chains

Que the paper chains and confetti, some celebrating is in order. The countdown has officially begun!


March 24th is the date I am able to return home (at least for a little while). Therefore, as of today, I have TWO weeks left of impatient treatment in Arizona. While this date does not mark the END of my journey, it is a major milestone along the way. I will be having my second/follow-up PET scan the day before I leave, on March 23rd. These results will give us more information on what the continuing travel and treatment will look like. When I return home, I will be living with my sister Lisa in Omaha, as that is where the care and resources I need are readily available. We have set up administration of therapeutic IV's as well as other therapies to fight recnac and continue health restoration. I will be returning to Arizona as much as needed in the future. The current estimation is at least once a month for about six months. This, of course, is subject to change depending on the results that I receive.

My goal this week is acceptance. A lot of things that have happened are difficult to understand and even more difficult to accept. Mostly because life tends to provide obstacles that go against the pretty little white picket-fenced picture I painted in my head of what my future would look like. But I am honestly thankful for the dysfunctional canvas of colors God has splatter painted for me instead, and for the interruption of my black and white structured plans, because I am growing from every fast-pitched curveball thrown my way. What I’m in the process of working through accepting is what my PET scan result will be. This probably sounds like kind of a crazy goal, to accept something that hasn’t even happened yet, but I’m doing it. “Baby steps,” is what I keep telling myself ;). Step one was going through every possible outcome with Dr. Murphy. What if it has spread? What if it’s completely gone? What if it hasn’t changed? After a long conversation of what if's, I feel armed and ready for any news that I receive on March 23rd. I have dreamt up every possible situation at this point. I know that God has a plan and I remain faithful in His timing. The truly inspiring aspect of it all is how I can FEEL the healing in my body and also in my soul. I get the opportunity to see healing happening all around me at treatment. Amazing transformations are taking place and I share such joy in seeing others’ journeys flourish.

Some amazingness to share:

  • Aaron takes the cake for the best surprise I’ve ever had (aside from getting a puppy for Christmas in fifth grade). Last Friday morning was a rough one. It was my second IPT day for the week and dragging myself out of bed to go to class was a bit of a struggle to say the least, but I did it! And I am so thankful I did. I wasn’t particularly alert during the class discussion. I was actually day dreaming out the window about who knows what, and all of a sudden I saw him walking up the side walk. I thought maybe the lack of sleep and home-sickness was getting to my head but when I realized it was actually him I went absolutely bananas and my only instinct was to run (yes, run) and give him a giant hug. It was amazing. After my short time spent at the clinic on Saturday we got to explore Scottsdale and enjoy each others company. He even helped me prepare some foods for the upcoming week (while watching a little ESPN).

(Lisa helping make some raw vegan pizza crust. I'll admit: I do love most raw food, but this isn't quite what I would call "pizza" or at least not the kind I am use to haha!)

  • Many of you have probably seen or at least heard about how amazing Farrell’s has been to me, but if you haven’t, close this tab and head to Facebook to find the video they made of the kickboxing fundraiser. HOW INCREDIBLE ARE THESE PEOPLE?! Beyond. Beyond incredible. I still can’t make it through the video without turning into a puddle.
  • Sunday goodbyes are not my strong suit (as mentioned previously). I won’t even pretend like I am good at them. This Sunday was very hard to say good bye to Lisa and Aaron after a wonderful week, but just when sadness really kicked in there was a knock at the door. Janna and Jordan arrived! It has been amazing having friends here in Arizona. It feels incredibly normal and it’s great to share this experience with them. They helped me through IPT #5 today and these pretty ladies helped me kick some recnac booty.Some IPT loving from my girls

Celebrating life, friendship, and IPT #5 being in the books.

  • I have received so many amazing gifts, cards, and thoughts lately. Below is a picture of me holding a package I received AT treatment today from Megan Hanno. Thank you Megan for being my continuing inspiration to "always BELIEVE!" It is so wonderful to get back after a day of treatment when I feel that I have no steam left to such inspiring gestures. You all keep me pushing through and pressing on. I can't thank you all enough.

With gratitude and love,

Jessica Lynn :)

Endings are beginnings

Today was one of those moments for me. The kind where you stop in the midst of all of the action around you and just praise God for bringing you to where you are today.

December 19th was a day that I will never ever forget. I can remember every vivid and horrifying detail as it was the day I was diagnosed with an "extremely rare" ovarian cancer. Many thoughts obviously came to mind. I saw nothing but fear as my whole body vigorously shook. It went from: "this is just a mistake, it must be, I'm not sick" to "okay, I'm dying. My life is going to be slowly coming to an end . It's over. That's it. Pack your bags sister and say your goodbyes cause you're done." And I was right about most of it. (besides the pack your bags part- that's just me being dramatic) It wasn't a mistake. I was sick. I was dying. My life did slowly come to an end. And that life is over for me now. BUT what I failed to consider is that I get a beautiful opportunity to turn the truck around that was headed in the wrong direction, and LIVE differently. I now have the opportunity to do all the things I knew I should have done, but didn't ever find a good enough reason to do. It's like God said "Hey Jess remember me? Quit being stubborn in your own adgenda and live your life for me. I have better plans for you" in a "time to stop and smell the roses" kind of way. 

MY world ending was nothing more than  a new life beginning. I just did not see it that way at the time.

But today I saw it. It was like an epiphany. I am the youngest patient here by 22 years and yet I find myself being closer friends to some of these people than those my own age. They're teaching me about life and how to be ALIVE, fully alive. I think the spirit amongst all of us at treatment causes us to forget that what we all have in common is Cancer. (There I said it, Cancer). The days aren't easy and I've been told I make it sound a little too glorious. The truth is it isn't glamorous and the days get long. Sometimes I break down. Sometimes I crave off the wall things like donuts and cheeseburgers, but I eat my raw food and put a smile on my face because I know it's working. And while the Oasis isn't somewhere I'd necessarily advise my fellow college friends to come for "SB2k15," it's a pretty amazing place to heal. I feel very fortunate to have chosen this route.


Today marked the ending of Camilla's treatment at the Oasis, she has been here for quite some time, and she is going to be beginning her new life in Holland with her family. What a treat it was to partake in her dance party and share the joy with her. I will miss this Ray of Sunshine! ☀️

This is my friend fawn. She is every bit as sweet as she is beautiful! Today was her last day after recieving news about a completely CLEAN AND CANCER FREE PET SCAN! Sharing news like that is something that is unexplainable, and it honestly makes my heart so happy to see her beam with excitement for life. 

Thank you all for sharing my new journey of discovering life with me. The support family I have is incredibly inspiring. Because this diagnosis isn't an ending of my life, it's only the beginning. 


Jessica Lynn

Ten ways to Sunday.

Well, It is safe to say that this Sunday takes the cake for hardest goodbye yet, as Jeremy left after a priceless couple of days. His presence was the very best medicine I could ask for. I am still amazed at how incredibly alive and loved he makes me feel. We made the most of each moment, thoroughly enjoying each others company (even though we still agree to disagree about who did better in mini golf). He came to treatment and class with me on Thursday and we had the rest of the weekend off to enjoy Arizona. It took a little convincing, but we even went to Pomegranate, my favorite raw vegan restaurant. He actually loved it, but he may have enjoyed his dessert (a little) more yesterday while we watched the Hawks game in Scottsdale :). The best part about Jeremy is that even with everything that has been thrown our way, he still treats me with the same love and respect, at an even deeper level. It's pretty amazing, how cancer has not broken down any aspect of our relationship, it has only made us that much stronger.


While the weekend was so entirely fantastic, the reality is that things are not getting easier. In fact, they are getting harder and harder as my diagnosis becomes more prominent, and also as the definition of homesick has been brought to an entirely new level. The longer I am here, the more "real" it feels. I try pretty hard to quiet any inner voices that aren't positive, but I'm learning that it is okay to not be okay all of the time. Part of being strong is knowing when it is okay to be weak. And while I am truly grateful for every aspect of my journey, I'd be lying if I said it wasn't terrifying at times. It is not easy. I find myself longing for the comfort of familiarity and predictability of home and how life use to be. But I think that's normal in any transitional phase. We get brought to a new and an unfamiliar place in life and our instinct tells us to look back, to go back, and to settle for what is comfortable. Which is just funny, isn't it? We find ourselves asking, sometimes even begging, God to bring us back to what's comfortable and safe, knowing that He placed this trial along our path for a purpose. I know that these hard days are apart of my journey. And while they sometimes absolutely suck, at the end of the day, I am thankful for them because they make "good" days fantastic. They make me human. They make my journey authentic and relatable. Not everything is sunshine and rainbows, but who says it should be? It is because of the tough moments that I find time with my loved ones even more special, phone calls much more important, hand written letters so much more valuable, the use-to-be-dreadful snow in Iowa so much more homey, and each day with health as a much bigger blessing than I ever have before.

"The world will break your heart ten ways to Sunday. That's guaranteed. I can't begin to explain the craziness inside myself or anyone else. But guess what? Sunday is my favorite day again."


Jessica Lynn

"Wherever you are, be all there"

FullSizeRender Each week I set a personal goal. This week my goal is to focus on being in the present, rather than dreaming of what could be in the future. My whole life, I have been guilty of consistently looking ahead at the good things to come and ways to improve. And while that is not necessarily a bad thing, it can sometimes be a wasted opportunity to be grateful for what already IS wonderful in the present and what already HAS improved.

"Wherever you are, be all there."

I have to remind myself that there was a day in my past that I dreamed of a future day like today. That at one point, I could not hardly sleep until I had a plan to heal my body. Now, I have that plan and I am truly living that plan, but I find myself dreaming of the next step, rather than giving thanks that this day has come. What I am forgetting to do is realize that each of these days (no matter how big or small, difficult or simple) really do matter, and each of these days are days that I will reflect on the future and see as such a blessed time in my life.

Society teaches us to always want bigger, to always want better, and to never stop reaching for more. But in the midst of all of the reaching and striving, we can really lose a sense of just how beautiful life is in the now.

Today, I am utterly thankful for the gift of today. I am thankful for the place I have reached in my journey. I am thankful for the struggles that each day has brought thus far - I see life more clearly because of them.

Day 2 of IPT has come and I tackled it like a champ, which is not something I could have done (with a big smile on my face) without God's immense love and the continous support of all of you. Today I am extremely grateful that God's plan is not in my hands, because I have come to realize that life is so much more amazing when I let go of control.

I also want to express my sincere grattitude for all of the wonderful gifts of the "now" - including everyone currently reading this and supporting me. I still cannot believe the immense amount of support in various forms that I have received. No matter where this road ahead leads, that is something I will truly wake up and cherish each and every day of this journey.

Sending love, sunshine, and gratitude your way,

Jessica Lynn


The Eve of Insanely Positive Therapy

IMG_0650 Hello supporters!

I apologize for the lapse of time. I have revisited my blog a couple times today, thinking that I would have posted by now. I have typed and re-typed multiple ways to thank you all, but nothing seems to do justice as to how sincere my gratitude is. I still feel so genuinely lucky to be able to receive this treatment and I am appreciative of every little thing. It is truly remarkable to see the power behind me with each step that I take on this journey.

A little update about the past week:

  • First of all, it has been insanely busy with a lot of adjustments, both mentally and physically. I feel that I have finally reached the point of acceptance and I am ready to move forward tomorrow with my very FIRST IPT/chemotherapy! I'm not going to sugar coat it. It has not been an easy adjustment from college life into this new lifestyle, but it has forced me to push myself beyond my comfort zone. I grow more and more fascinated each day of treatment at how well the therapies are ALREADY working. Some of the chief therapies that I currently do are IV drips of: vitamin C, vitamin B17, ALA, and blood ozone therapies that oxygenate your blood and rid it of bacteria and fungi (cancer cannot survive in an oxygenated environment). I also do lymphatic drainage, manual lymphatic therapies, colon hydrotherapies, myofascial therapies, and so on. (But I won’t bore you with the explanations of each. Sometimes I have to realize not everyone is quiiiite as fascinated as I am, but when you feel it and see it first hand it is insanely powerful). I am also eating completely raw vegan. Everyone in from the midwest reading this is probably choking at the word “raw” or “vegan” right now haha. I will be the first to admit, it isn’t easy to do when you grow up on meat and potatoes. But I am learning quickly and my body is thanking me for it already. They are great here about teaching you how to prepare the foods and how to incorporate what you love in order to make it a sustainable lifestyle after impatient treatment. (The wildest thing I’ve seen yet might be that even my dad has been eating raw and vegan with me while he is here. Talk about crazy!)
  • My port surgery went well. I have no doubt that it was due to all of the encouragement and prayers I received - thank you for that! I was very afraid of the unknown, but it went well and it is making daily treatments much MUCH easier.
  • We also recieved the results from my PET scan last week. We were pleased to find out that my cancer has NOT metastasized to anywhere else in the body!! Which made me feel like I could really take a deep breath again. However, they did find some metabolic activity in the ovaries. Annnnd suddenly that whole “deep breath” thing went out the window. When I first heard that it was as if my heart had dropped to the bottom of my shoes. But, once I stopped being stubborn and I forced myself back into reality to listen to the doctors, I realized that the activity could be due to a lot of different things, such as healing from my previous surgery to remove the tumors, menstrual activity, or a possibly remaining Recnac. Amazingly, the Insulin Potentiated Therapy/ low dose BEP chemotherapy will target the areas with highest metabolic activity and are they are specific to my recnac type. In addition, all of the lifestyle changes as well as minimizing internal sugar, maximizing internal oxygen, and making my body an alkaline environment are all going to be essential weapons in this fight.
  • Tomorrow is Day 1 of battle and I am armed and ready to attack! I’ve decided to declare my IPT (chemo) days as Insanely Positive Therapy days to pinpoint my recnac cells and get them out of this body ASAP. I am a little nervous, but any unfamiliar thing is a scary at first, simply because you don’t know what to expect. But, I’m convinced that my doctors and nurses have some of the kindest souls around. They do a really wonderful job of keeping me at ease and making each day about furthering the healing process. My greatest asset in this battle comes from above. The big man upstairs and I have become the best of friends and I tell ya what, He really brings a lot of peace into my heart. I remind myself every day that He is the Almighty healer and with Him NOTHING is impossible.

A few of my favorite things about this past week:

- Although this Valentines Day was different in plenty of ways, it was surprisingly the best one yet. Kim, Deek, and I took the day to completely relax in the sun and we went out for (a raw vegan) dinner that evening. I felt so loved the entire day. I received valentines and heart cut outs from Lexi, Jude, and Miles, beautiful flowers from the Bohlke family, an amazing present from Jeremy.


- Having my dad here has been absolutely hilarious and so fun. He adds a whole new dynamic to the treatment center. (Those of you who know Deek know exactly what I am talking about). It's been awesome to see how involved he is in my healing and also to have some quality father daughter time - even in the kitchen. (I caught him chugging and loving his green smoothie, but he doesn't know about that yet).


The other patients at treatment often wonder how someone my age got to be in this position and the story of how I got here makes me smile. I tell them how lucky I am to be able to have this opportunity for integrative treatment and how all of the amazing support I have received back home and through social media is part of what got me here. I'm fighting my hardest and I cannot wait to share this vision of health with others in my future.

Sending you my deepest thanks and warmest regards,

Jessica Lynn


Fear into love

IMG_0663I'm not typically one for hospital or procedure pictures, but today makes an exception because today is the day! I finally get my port placed, and *drum roll* without being put under. I've had a lot of apprehension about this procedure. I'm not sure why THIS of all of the previous is what is most frightening to me. I think it's because when I think of ports I think of Cancer, but then I remind myself - it's just "recnac" ;) and this little device is going to make my treatments much easier. The past few days have been wonderful yet an absolute whirlwind. My sister Kim is with me now, and her radiating positivity and bubbly personality are enough to light up any room. (Sometimes I have to wonder if she has a secret as to where all the energy comes from) I am learning a lot from her as she is teaching me to turn fear into love I have to admit, it feels pretty d*mn good to let go of the fears that I cannot control. God is in control. He has His loving arms around me, swarming me with love. What more could I really need?! I am so thankful for all of those reaching out as we get settled into the healing process. I will be heading into surgery shortly to be one step closer to kicking recnac to the curb! Amen to that!!

We have arrived and healing has begun!

Hello my incredible supporters! We have made it to Mesa! The sunshine and environment here is healing in itself!! Yesterday we spent the day searching and found our new "humble abode" and ended up settling in at a nearby extended stay. The people here are very accomodating of our situation and the energy here is incredible - everyone is so happy :)

Today was the start of my healing journey. I honestly didn't think it was possible to feel any more at peace with my decision, but I was proven wrong when I met my doctors and nurses face to face. They are AMAZING. I also got a chance to meet some of the other patients who were very welcoming and so at peace with their care.

Tomorrow we dive in a little deeper. I am quickly learning how to channel nervousness into excitement for the road ahead! Tomorrow morning will consist of time with Dr. Lodi, then we will do more therapies, immune IV's, and also get my port placed. If all goes as planned (fingers crossed) I begin the low dose IPT and BEP chemo treatment Monday, which would make Monday technically "Day 1" of treatment!

A couple of my favorite things about my journey here thus far:

  • I've adapted a new term called "Recnec" - it's just cancer spelled backwards,  the word cancer makes people turn their heads and is associated with so much fear so it's just a little something to take away that power
  • My RN Steven is hilarious. He pops in and out of my therapies and he has the same sense of humor as I do, he reminds us all of Jeremy and that makes me feel really comfortable.
  • The concierge at our hotel's name is Jordyn, which reminds me of my roommate Jordyn because she is every bit as friendly. We address each other by name already and she told me we can be Arizona BBFs
  • Most importantly: Having my mom and my sister here with me has been the biggest blessing for so many reasons, but especially for my spirit. We find every excuse we can to laugh our butts off and enjoy the time spent.

I just want to genuinely and sincerely thank each and every one of you who have joined me on this journey. I am so so so entirely grateful. It is truly incredible to see all of those that have supported me by either sharing the link, reaching out, donating, or writing lovely messages for me. I often reflect on all of the support I have and it keeps me going. This process is incredible and I feel so blessed to have you on my side :)

With love,