Every time you eat is an opportunity to nourish your body

If it cannot be made with few ingredients, I can guarantee you I have more than likely eaten 18 snacks while making the meal. I am by no means a Betty Crocker nor a Rachel Ray. I'm just finding the proper balance between kale and tortilla chips. So, if quick, easy, healthy recipes are what you are after... This page is for you! 

My boyfriend is a carnivore and my dad has the sweetest tooth around. Therefore, when my recipe is "man" approved by these two, I know its a good one (and not just "vegan" good). I know how daunting healthy eating can seem initially. "Dairy-Gluten-Soy-Corn-Nut-Sugar-Fat-Calorie-Oil-Free", non-GMO, "fairy-dusted-by-a-magical-princess" labels. Okay, that's a huge stretch, BUT the labels and calories and numbers and ingredients and... WOW, holy overwhelming. I get it. Real food usually doesn't need labels, so that's a plus. It gets difficult at times, but choose to see the joy in the journey. Your health is an investment; in your cells, your organs, your energy, your mood, your entire BEING. Your body is going to be around longer than any expensive leggings or trendy handbag. Invest in YOUR BODY: time, money, and energy. Its the only place you have to live in. Start by consuming nourishing foods jam packed with nutrients, intentionally moving a little more, and caring a little less what others think about your healthy habits.


Every time you eat is an opportunity to either feed disease or fight it